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Stainless Steel Soup Stock Pots Buckets Containers with Lid A002

Stainless steel pot has beautiful appearance, exquisite structure, and has the advantages of durability, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, easy processing, no deformation, etc.. So stainless steel pots or buckets is designed for soup, source, water stocking and cooking. This product is for big family or restaurants.

Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Production Process: Fine finishing
Features: Large capacity, thickened stainless steel material
Multiuse: These pots are big enough for tons of corn on the cob or a lobster boil. To ensure stability and comfort, this stockpot features riveted side handles. They are ideal when cooking for a large family and make a great serving dish after cooking

Product Features:

Made Completely of 304 Stainless Steel
Versatile and Durable Stock pot for Large Batch Cooking
Features Double Sided Metal Handles for Easy Transport
Comes with Matching Lid to Lock in Flavor when Cooking
Ideal for Stews, Lobster, Soups, source, etc.
Commercial use recommended

Product Parameters:

Model 1


Soup Bucket

25*25cm 27cm 25cm 14.5cm 25cm 2000g 12L
30*30cm 32cm 30cm 16cm 30cm 3000g 20L
35*35cm 37cm 35cm 18cm 35cm 3800g 30L
40*40cm 42cm 40cm 20cm 40cm 4900g 50L
45*45cm 47cm 45cm 22cm 45cm 6200g 70L
50*50cm 52cm 50cm 24cm 50cm 7700g 90L
55*55cm 57cm 55cm 26cm 55cm 9200g 130L
60*60cm 62cm 60cm 28cm 60cm 11100g 165L

Model 2


Soup Pot

25*18cm 27cm 25cm 23cm 18cm 1200g 8L
30*20cm 32cm 30cm 2cm 20cm 2200g 14L
35*22cm 37cm 35cm 33cm 22cm 2700g 20L
40*24cm 42cm 40cm 38cm 24cm 3600g 30L
45*26cm 47cm 45cm 43cm 26cm 4600g 40L
50*28cm 52cm 50cm 48cm 28cm 5900g 54L
55*30cm 57cm 55cm 53cm 30cm 7000g 70L
60*40cm 62cm 60cm 58cm 40cm 7900g 84L

Application and After Sales Service:

Applicable for household and restaurants.


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