Stainless Steel Food Buffets Food Warmer/Heater Tray E030

Stainless Steel Food Buffets or Food Warmer case for supporting and warming food items has a base, a frame, and a plurality of heated trays supported by the food warmer or electric heater while parties or hotels. The middle layer has a heating element embedded within a substrate to heat the shelf. A power supply(optional) is connected to each heating element to supply power to heat the shelves, and a controller is used to adjust the temperature of the shelves.

Product Features:

Buffet server and food warming tray in one. Serve all your party food at the perfect temperature without monitoring or reheating in an oven.
The included lids are domed and have slots to fit serving utensils.
Use your dishes or disposable pans. The food warming tray can also hold your heat-safe dishes, as well as disposable aluminum pans.
Warm small appetizers directly on the tray. The warming tray is food-safe so you can place small bites directly on the tray to keep warm.

Product Parameters:

Available as inquiry

Application and After-Sales Service:

Applicable for parties and commercial usage


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