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Rice/Fish Food Steamer Steam Cabinet(Electric/ Gas Model) F036

A food steamer cabinet for rice or fish or anything else steaming, includes a base, a cooking container receivable by said base, with a door, a boiler housed within the base, a steam flow pathway extending from said boiler to said lid for directing steam generated by said boiler into a said container a control unit configured to control operation of said food steamer in response to user input. The control unit is configured to automatically deactivate the boiler when the door is opened from the cooking container. The electric model or gas model is available.

Product Features:

FOOD STEAMER: With a large cooking capacity & several separate steaming containers, you can cook a full meal with sides with one simple turn of a switch. Features auto shutoff & boil dry protection for simple & safe cooking
GUESS-FREE COOKING: The water reservoir auto mechanism design ensures enough water remains to finish the job at hand and guarantees perfect steaming results every time.
Either gas model or electric multi-used.

Product Parameters:

More details as inquiry

Application and After-Sales Service:

Applicable for commercial usage, restaurants, cafe, etc.

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