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Disinfectant Nano Fogger/Automizer Mist Sprayer Rechargeable F042

The before-after study was intended to investigate the effect of Bio-Kill on reducing the environmental bacterial burden and healthcare-associated surfaces by using the disinfectant nano fogger or automizer with 75% alcohol. It is proved that it is useful for such circumstances. The handheld device is electric rechargeable with a refill battery, and wireless.

Product Features:

New & Efficient Mist Sprayer: Wireless rechargeable nano-blue atomizer, product model DS350, 800ml large-capacity water bottle, one-press button to turn ON/OFF and the distance up to 2M(6.5ft). Only charging for two hours, it can be used anywhere without obstacles for 180 mins.
Advanced Fogger Technology: The spray fogger instrument patented design of the device’s negative ion control knob, adjustable anion nano steam water molecules particle size. The casing of the machine is made of high-quality plastic, the fog is fast, the amount of fog is large. With blue light, you can see the fog.
Widely Place Used: Nano sprayer without wires inconvenient, it can be used in most places such as schools, shopping malls, restaurants, offices, washrooms, and private places. It is very convenient and quick to spray. The senior can also learn to use it easily and stress-free.
Different size available

Product Parameters:

Color: White
Dimension: 225mm*215mm*70mm
Net Weight: 470g
Package Weight: 560g
Nominal Voltage: 110-240V/Hz50
Rated Power: 10W
Power Voltage: DC7.4V
Battery Capacity: 2000-2600mAh
Liquid Load: 500ml Max

Application and After-Sales Service:

Applicable in home, public space.


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