Ice Maker Machine F040

An improved ice maker machine having several features, including an adjustable-duration water fill switch which is closed by rotating a connector between two contacts; switches mounted to make wiping contact to clean the contact area; a combination deflector that not only deflects ice removed by the ejector from the ice mold but also supports and lifts a feeler bar to determine whether the ice storage bin is full; a manual start button for starting the motor of ice maker, simplifying installation.

Product Features:

COMMERCIAL ICE MACHINE: Take the work out of making ice with lbs modular ice-making machine that features a large storage bin.
SILENT OPERATION: Sick of loud, noisy machines that are annoying and disruptive? Our quiet operating system lets you hold conversations with peace of mind.
FULL DICE: This machine creates perfectly shaped and diced ice cubes for universal use, including beverages, wine buckets, fine dining, and more!
AIR COOLING SYSTEM: The powerful compressor is cooled with an air cooling system. The storage bin keeps ice cubes cold for 24 hours so you always have ice cubes on hand and ready.

Product Parameters:

Several models available

Application and After-Sales Service:

Applicable for office, cafe, restaurants.


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