Gas Burner Fire Pit Stove F038

A gas burner or a fire pit stove is designed as a combustion chamber of a hot-blast stove or a blast furnace has parallel vertical supply ducts for the two combustion components (gas and air). A first one of said ducts opens upwardly at a first outlet which is substantially oblong in plan view and the second of said ducts opens at a plurality of second outlets which are located on either side of and above the first outlet, the general discharge directions of the second outlets being oblique to that of the first outlet.

Product Features:

High heat efficiency above 80% with 40KW
Electrical flame-on easily
Thickened stainless steel plate material 0.8mm
Anti said design
Steel pre-casted stove structure
Supercharged fan for combustion

Product Parameters:

single stove model or double stove model available

Application and After-Sales Service:

Applicable for commercial restaurants


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