Food Slicer Shredder Chopper Meat E034 Vegetable Fruit E035

This item relates to food cutting machines and has particular reference to a device for selectively slicing, shredding, cubing, and rodding vegetables. The cutting operations are commonly performed on vegetables or like material in the course of their preparation.
Slicer Shredder Chopper Cutter for Meat and Slicer Shredder Chopper for Vegetable Fruits

Product Features:

[Model 1]
Multi-function: The first feed into meat slice, second feeding into shredded meat. It can suit any meat which is not with BONES and FREEZE, such as chicken, fish, beef, mutton and so on.
High efficiency: The high-power pure copper motor can cut 1102lbs/h meat, which can be applied to business and home.
Durable and easy to clean: The machine is made of full stainless steel, easy to clean. The blade is made of special stainless steel, serrated structure, sharp and incomparable, and easy to disassemble. After use, you can disassemble the blade directly and rinse with water.
Double safety assurance: The machine is equipped with a safety protection switch. When the blade is exposed, the machine can be self-locked and not start.
Also working with hard vegetables and fruits.
[Model 2]
Working only with vegetables and fruits.

Product Parameters:

More details as inquiry

Application and After-Sales Service:

Applicable for commercial usage, restaurants, bars, schools.


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