Dough Maker Mixer Meat Egg Processor E031 E032

Dough Maker or Rounder, which improves efficiency and eliminates tedious manual shaping. One can simply insert pre-cut dough pieces and the machine automatically dispenses smoothly shaped dough balls ready for proofing. This machine has multiple functions acting as a meat mixer, egg processor, etc.


Product Features:

Designed to help you create delicious meals and desserts quickly
Soft start technology helps minimize splatters and mess on the counter by gently accelerating to the selected speed
The multi-function provides dough mixing, meeting mixing, egg making, etc.
Commercial use with heavy power designed.
Other type products for commercial use are available for heavier power

Product Parameters:

Product details available as inquiry

Application and After-Sales Service:

Applicable for commercial use, bread cafe, pizza restaurants, etc.


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