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Cooking Tools Potato Masher A009, Egg Balloon Wisk A010, Vegetable Fruit Peelers A011

Cooking tools are a good assistant when you are in trouble with some pre-works in the kitchen, such as potato mashing, egg whisking, or hard fruit peeling. We are the prime designer of potato mashers since the top German brand owner (who is our biggest OEM buyer) invite us to design some items to avoid potato mashing problems in western countries. Therefore, pls don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to design or improve something for kitchen products. Hope our story helps you to be the top brand in your land.

1. Potato Masher A009
2. Egg Balloon Whisk A010
3. Vegetable Fruit Peeler A011
All kinds of products are produced in 100% 304 stainless steel material.

Product Features:

Wire Masher
IDEAL FOR MASHING VEGETABLES: Perfect for mashing root vegetables, avocadoes, apples, and nuts
ERGONOMIC HANDLE FOR COMFORT: The handle is well-balanced and ergonomically designed for comfort and smooth operation under heavy use. The handle features a debossed logo, a chrome-plated bolster, and a stainless steel endcap.
RUST-RESISTANT: The head is crafted from thick, 4. 5mm stainless steel wire which is durable and will not rust.
DISHWASHER SAFE: This masher is dishwasher safe, making clean up quick and easy
Handheld Steel Wire Whisk
Perfect for Blending, Whisking, Beating and Stirring, BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe
perfect solution for small prework or tasks like mixing dressings, eggs, and more
Peeler for vegetables and fruits
This exquisite peeler provides a perfect ergonomic synergy that enables you to effortlessly maneuver the peeler with little to no pressure when peeling carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, cheese, chocolate, and other assorted fruits and veggies. Works great for left-handed users as well.
Vegetable Fruit Peeler
Sharp teeth for peeling
Easily using and cleaning

Product Parameters:

Available for inquiry

Application and After-Sales Service:

Appliable for kitchen works.


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